Distracted Driver Hits Another Car but the Other Driver’s Compassionate Act Earns Praise on Social Media

No one wants to get into an accident but there are simply times in our life when we are distracted about something, not only due to texting or using Facebook while driving but also because we were deep in thought about something.

Take for example what happened to a netizen who goes by the handle ‘Marc Coz’ on Facebook. According to his post on Facebook, he was deep in thought and was worrying about their thesis when he hit the car in front of him.

While the damage wasn’t really that bad because he wasn’t going fast, his car’s bumper still left some marks and scratches on the other vehicle.

Photos by Marc Coz / Facebook

Everyone knows how scary an accident can be but this one ended up rather well. In fact, it went so well that the story would soon go viral on social media.

According to Marc, he had expected the other guy to get angry and, perhaps, curse him for the inconvenience he caused but the driver got down and calmly asked whether he had fallen asleep. When he explained what happened, the other driver then called the cops but when no one seems to be answering the call, he went away to buy some cigarettes.

Coming back, the other driver calmly asked Marc what they would do now as the cops still weren’t responding and no traffic enforcers arrived at the scene. Marc offered to pay for the damages; although he sheepishly admitted that he could only afford Php3,000 as that was the only money left in his ATM.

But his offer surprised the other driver (Marc identified him as Lemuel M.) who said that the amount was actually too large and that Php500 would suffice. Then, Lemuel explained to Marc what he would do to repair the damages. Afterwards, they went their separate way – with the encounter already solved.

Surprised over the other driver’s compassionate and honest action, Marc shares the story on social media where it quickly went viral as many netizens commented how great the world would surely be if things were settled in a similar manner as what happened between these two drivers…