Couple Pushes Through with Wedding Amid Typhoon, Groom Arrives Three Hours Late Due to Floods and Fallen Trees

Proving that their love will stand any test, couple Maria Cyril Hernandez of Santiago Young, Nabua and Mark John Martinez of Iriga City decided to push through with their wedding on Christmas Day even amid the typhoon!

The two would soon go viral on social media for their photo in their wedding garb, standing in knee-deep floodwaters.

Photo credit: Ma. Cyril Martinez / Facebook
Photo credit: Ma. Cyril Martinez / ABS-CBN News

Many of their gusts weren’t able to attend – even their official photographer wasn’t able to make it to the venue but the two decided that they won’t let anything stand in their way! Thankfully, smartphones these days are capable of taking great photos so the couple still had awesome wedding photos to tell the tale of their rather unique wedding.

Getting to the venue was one of the most challenging things they experienced that day. The bride received help from their neighbors so she could reach the venue on time but the groom arrived three hours late because he had to ride his motorcycle through flooded roads barred by fallen trees and electricity posts.

The lack of communication lines due to downed poles also added to the stressful situation so that when the wedding finally started, 5-month pregnant Maria cried tears of joy; though she would faint sometime later due to fatigue.

Photo credit: Ma. Cyril Martinez / ABS-CBN News

After the wedding, the two didn’t ride a bridal car as planned but had to be brought to the reception venue on a small banca.

But while the wedding definitely didn’t go as planned, it was still a wonderful event – and they proved to the world that their love for each other was stronger than any typhoon!