Coco Martin Recalls Working as Janitor, Collecting Plastic Bags to Earn Money Before He Became Famous

Coco Martin is undeniably one of this generation’s best actors – and he’s become one of the richest, too, but did you know that he had once worked as janitor in Canada and even collected plastic bags to earn money so he could send some to his grandmother back in the Philippines?

Knowing the struggles of being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), Coco recently gave a free show for the OFWs in Saudi Arabia.

He revealed that he had once been a janitor in Canada where he worked for nice months; his dad was also an OFW in Korea.

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Because he was once an OFW, Coco understands the struggles of being one. He recalled how he struggled with homesickness while in Canada as he missed his family and friends – and he even misses the people he doesn’t like, all because he was feeling homesick!

He also recalled how difficult it was to have money but no one to talk to; he had enough drinks but no one to enjoy it with. He also revealed that there were times when they had to catch birds and fish so they can have something to eat. For extra cash, he said he also collected plastic bags to sell; the extra money goes to his grandmother back home.

Coco would eventually go back to the Philippines where he started his acting career in indie films. The rest, they say, is history…


During his show in Saudi, Coco not only shared his own OFW experience with the OFWs but also helped one distressed worker from Al Khobar get back home to his family for Christmas! Isn’t that wonderful?

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