LOOK: Another Person Saves Php71,500 with the 52-Week ‘Kuripot’ Money Challenge

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of netizen JB Dionisio who managed to save Php69,000 this year, thanks to the 52-week money challenge – but it seems that he’s not the only one who actually completed the challenge and saved a lot of money!


Some days before New Year’s Day, netizen VM Bocs shared some photos of her piggy bank which she opened to reveal plenty of paper money. After counting the money in her piggy bank, she was ecstatic to learn that she surpassed her goal of completing the 52-week kuripot challenge!

Photo credit: VM Bocs / Facebook
Photo credit: VM Bocs / Facebook

While the Php50 challenge she followed will lead to a final total of Php68,900, the actual amount in her piggy bank was Php71,500! Isn’t that great?

As with Dionisio, Bocs also admitted that the challenge was easy at first but soon got rather difficult to follow as the weeks progressed but she was able to persevere by staying ‘kuripot’ (frugal), especially towards the last months of 2016.


She also explained how the challenge starts with just Php50 on the first week of January but you have to add an extra Php50 per week so that the next week you put in Php100, the following week will be Php150, the next will be Php200, and so on…

So, who’s up for the kuripot challenge this 2017?

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Someone Actually Finished the 52-Week Money Challenge and Saved Php69,000!

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