After Gaining International Attention for Taylor Swift Impersonation, Who’s Xia Going to Impersonate Next?

Xiamara Sophia Vigor or simply ‘Xia’ may just be 7 years old but she has taken the internet by storm with her cover of Taylor Swift’s hit song “You Belong With Me” on Philippine TV talent show “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids”.

She gained mostly positive feedback from the performance, with many people saying she’s the next big star and could be likened to Shirley Temple. Many think that she truly nailed the performance and really looked like little Taylor Swift.

But there were also those who slammed her parents and the show’s producers for letting a child perform in this way, saying that they were ‘sexualizing’ the kid.

Check out her performance here and tell us what you think:

Now, wasn’t that an awesome performance? Xia’s growing fan base couldn’t help but wonder who she will impersonate next week.

Well, her dad had let slip something important when he answered bashers who slammed them for sexualizing their child.

British journalist Piers Morgan had remarked on Good Morning Britain, “It’s one of the creepiest things I’ve ever watched.

How old is she? It’s not good. The whole sexualization of young girls like this, I don’t like it at all I’m afraid, and the is my withering verdict,” he added. “Everyone is saying ‘Oh it’s so cute’… it’s not cute. Don’t like it. It just means that millions of young girls are going to be slapping on makeup and lipstick and all that. It’s not right.

Photo credit: Elle
Photo credit: Elle

In answer, Xia’s dad Alan Vigor remarked, “He’s wrong…we know the bigger picture over here so we don’t worry about Piers Morgan. He doesn’t understand the context. The culture here is very, very different. People in the Philippines see things differently.

Daddy Alan added, “On the show net week, Xia is going to dress up as Axl Rose. It’s like a pantomime. It’s been taken out of context. She’s not going a friend’s birthday party in high heels and lipstick. It’s not like that. She would never dress up like that on a normal day.

So, we’ve got the answer, folks! Xia’s going to be Axl Rose next week!