‘Yellow Supporter’ Gets Bashed after Criticizing Mocha Uson for Dining at Expensive Restaurant Owned by Mar Roxas’ Kin

Everyone knows that Mocha Uson is a staunch supporter of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte – and because of that, she is sometimes dubbed by other supporters as the ‘boses ng masang Pilipino’ (the voice of ordinary Filipinos), especially because she actually has high engagement on social media.

Recently, however, Mocha was bashed by a critic for dining at CIBO, an Italian restaurant with expensive menu items (for example, Panini sandwiches and soups are at least Php200/serving). This restaurant was also reportedly owned by a relative of Mar Roxas, who lost the presidency bid to Duterte last elections.

In a post laced with sarcasm, the critic shared a snapshot of Mocha at CIBO, captioning it to call out Duterte supporters to check out their ‘boses ng ordinaryong Pilipino’, somehow insinuating that because she’s the voice of ordinary Filipinos, Mocha is not supposed to dine at expensive restaurants.

Photo credit: Mocha Uson Blog / Facebook
Photo credit: Mocha Uson Blog / Facebook

In turn, Mocha responded with an explanation that foremost, she is not a government official and is not dining out using money from the country’s coffers. Also, she’s earning money from her many gigs. Moreover, just because a restaurant is owned by a relative of Duterte’s opponent, it does not mean that Duterte supports shouldn’t eat there!

Supporters of Duterte defended Mocha, saying that even if she’s the voice of ordinary Filipinos and one of the president’s high profile supporters, she does not have to limit herself to ‘ordinary food’. Moreover, they are saying that it was an insult for many people for this critic to insinuate that the ordinary Filipino is not allowed to eat in expensive restaurants like CIBO!

What do you think of this issue?

Natawa naman ako sa nag post na ito.

Una, hindi po ako Government official. Hindi pera ng bayan ang ginagamit…

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Sunday, December 11, 2016

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  1. ayan napagsabihan tuloy! pobre kasi tingin nyo sa amin at walang karapatan kumain sa mamahaling restaurant at forever na mamalimos sa inyo!! #kultongdilaw #utakdilaw #utaktaedilaw #utakshitdilaw

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