Watch: Young woman goes viral for using food to have a ‘perfect makeup look’

  • A young woman went viral for using food to have a perfect makeup look
  • Raychel Newton has been known by her Instagram followers for sharing her creative makeup tutorials and finished look
  • Newton’s food makeup video has been gaining different reactions online

A young woman went viral for using food to have a perfect makeup look; gaining millions of views, thousands of likes, and a number of comments on social media

On Facebook, PopSugar Celebrity Facebook page shared the video of Rachel Newton, who first uploaded her video on Instagram.

“This woman just slayed a makeup look using just food! The #FaceFullofFoodChallenge is happening, people,” PopSugar Celebrity captioned the video.

In the video, Newton can be seen putting makeup using cacao, butter, honey, and Snickers, among others.

Image capture from PopSugar Celebrity's video via Facebook
Image capture from PopSugar Celebrity’s video via Facebook

Facebook users, on the other hand, have different takes on her creative makeup style.

“I love this. She was having fun and is a great makeup artist…. I would wear all of those ingredients on my face except for the Snickers and the butter under the eyebrow!” said SF.

“Meanwhile, people all over the world are dying of starvation or are just plain hungry but ‘let me put food on my face for a makeup tutorial,'” wrote K.R.

“You don’t need makeup, just food,” DA stated.

As of posting, the Facebook copy of the video has gained 3,998,227  views, while Newton’s original copy on Instagram has over 35,800 views.

More of Raychel Newton’s makeup tutorials and finished look are posted on her Instagram.

See how she does her food makeup here:

🍆🥕FACE FULL OF FOOD 🍔🌯 ________________ Lol this is a bit ridiculous but hilariously fun!! I challenge all my friends, you guys, to go out and try this #makeupchallenge for the holidays! 😂😂 🌯Don’t forget to TAG me AND use the hashtags #facefulloffoodchallenge #facefulloffood So I can see! ___________________ #makeuptutorialsx0x #makeupforbarbies #glowedupgirl #makeup_artist_worldwide_ #shimycatsmua #hypnaughtymakeup #hypnaughtypower #lashes #highlight #nikkietutorials #makeuptutorial #makeupblogger #mirrorbellaglam #fakeupfix #skelotim #wakeupandmakeup #brian_champagne #laurag_143 #makeupaddictioncosmetics #makeupgeek #maryhadalittleglam #makeupbymario #brows #mannymua#peachyqueenblog @mirrorbellaglam @skelotim @maryhadalittleglam @peachyqueenblog @joamerchan @sandramiyagi @fakeupfix @nikkietutorials @hypnaughtypower @fiercesociety #fiercesociety @wakeupandmakeup @wakeup2slay @shimycatsmua @kcrab__ @makeupforbarbies @shop_alamode @kathleenlights @farahdhukai @bretmansvanity @bretmanrock @hudabeauty #hudabeauty @rochellewick @beautfoles ✨Disclaimer: attempt at your own risk. Try products on skin before use on face. ✨Song: Remember the Name by Fort Minor

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