WATCH: Touching Story of the Boy Who Went Viral for Studying under Streetlight Outside McDonald’s

Photo by Joyce Torrefranca

Last year, the photo of Daniel Cabrera as he studied outside a McDonald’s outlet in Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu went viral after it was posted by MedTech student Joyce Torrefranca who was quite impressed by his determination to study despite the circumstances he is in.

Help poured from all over the country as people donated money so he could continue his studies, knowing that they money would be put to good use because Daniel seems quite determined to study and live a better life.

Photo by Joyce Torrefranca
Photo by Joyce Torrefranca

Because the photo was taken outside a McDonald’s outlet, it also gave the store plenty of publicity. To help out the boy, McDonald’s has committed to providing him with allowance so he could finish his studies up to high school.

Right now, Daniel is in Grade 3 and despite having had to study under a street lamp in the past, he’s in the class’ top 10! Isn’t that amazing? This boy just proved to his donors and benefactors that he deserves their help.

But he wouldn’t have received all these assistance without Joyce, the student who was instrumental for his internet fame. Today, Joyce is back in her hometown in Leyte as she already graduated from college.

Let’s look back at Daniel’s story and watch the heartwarming moment he and Joyce met again:

The Boy Who Loves to StudyHere’s the story of how a simple picture changed a little boy’s life. #ShareTheLove

Posted by McDonald’s on Monday, December 12, 2016