WATCH: Scared Passenger Shares Video of Drowsy/Drunk Driver Trying to Wake Himself While Driving a Bus

When Barbie Yves Trinidad was aboard a Genesis bus bound for Mariveles, Bataan last December 16, she was so scared of the trip that she would soon take videos as evidence of the scary experience involving a drowsy/drunk driver who was trying to wake himself by continually braking and sounding the horn even when there was actually nothing to brake or sound the horn for.

According to Trinidad, she often goes to sleep during long bus rides but this was the first time that she was hanging at the edge of her seat because of the driver. The other passengers also felt afraid for their lives and told the conductor to do something about it but the driver got angry.

Screenshots from video by Barbie Yves Trinidad / Facebook
Screenshots from video by Barbie Yves Trinidad / Facebook

At a toll gate, some of the passengers calmly spoke with the driver to ask what was wrong and whether he could still drive them safely but the angry driver got mad at the passengers and told them to transfer to another bus if they were feeling afraid.

When Trinidad got down at her designated stop in San Fernando, many of the passengers also got off the bus even if they still had a long way to go before they reached their destination – after all, spending money for fare from San Fernando to their destinations is a small thing compared with the risk they were taking should they continue riding that bus with the drunk/drowsy driver.

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