Viral Photos of Beggar Dog and His Tired Young Master Touch the Hearts of Netizens

There are a lot of things going viral these days – and many will touch your heart. But there’s another one that is sure to make you shed a tear or two: The photos of a beggar dog and his tired young master.

It was clear that the two were really good friends and that whoever owns the dog truly cares of its well-being, even putting clothes on the canine, but the two were seen begging at a sidewalk near central station/Lawton, just across the University of Manila.

Photo credit: Sef Isred / TNP - Trending News Portal
Photo credit: Sef Isred / TNP – Trending News Portal

According to netizen Sef Isred, he dropped some coins into the dog’s bucket and it only watched him with sad eyes. While the situation melted his heart, he also felt amused that the dog was just like the queen’s guard while the boy was resting.


We sure hope this boy and his dog will have a wonderful Christmas…