[Viral] This video purportedly show how disciplined drivers are in Davao City, where vehicles stop BEFORE pedestrian lanes

Image capture from video by Dane and Magnet via You Tube

Davao City, the hometown of President Rodrigo Duterte where he served as mayor for several years, has been hailed by many as, arguably, the safest city in the country.

It was also touted as one of the cleanest cities, and where most drivers are very accommodating, honest, courteous and disciplined.

Image capture of Dane and Magnet's video via Facebook
Image capture of Dane and Magnet’s video via Facebook

A video proving these praiseworthy attitude of drivers in Davao has been uploaded on social media by two Manileños who set out to compare the country’s capital to the President’s hometown.

It was created by Dane Policarpio and Magnet Navales, a traveling duo who have been to different places across the country.

In the video, the couple said they were amazed, primarily, at how drivers and motorists in Davao behave on the road, which they said is exactly the opposite of what they observed among Metro Manila drivers.