[Video] Bizarre storm cloud of dust, rain protects Israel from ISIS, sent by God?

Image capture of video by Israel News Online

A bizarre storm cloud of dust and rain has descended into the border between Israel and Syria – in the exact same area where ISIS fighters attacked Israel Defense Forces.

The storm stopped on the border and did not enter Israel. It acted as a barrier between Israel and ISIS.

A video of the phenomenon has been viewed several million times on social media after Israel News Online shared it on its Facebook page.

Image capture of video by Israel News Online
Image capture of video by Israel News Online

According to Israel News Online, the weather phenomenon took place around 8 a.m. on December 1 on the other side of the Syrian border. It said the bizarre storm of dust, cloud and rain did not cross the border fence into Israel’s Golan Heights region. It sat like a barrier between the ISIS and Israel.

Netizens who viewed the video said it was an “act of God.”

One Facebook user posted: “Absolutely the divine intervention of God protecting Israel. Amen!”

Another added: “That is God. Israel is the Apple of His eye. Those who hate Israel God hates, those who love Israel God loves. He will defend Israel at all times. Nothing can tear her down. When God is for you nothing can stand against you.”

However, a cynic social media user disagreed: “Actually, sorry to be boring, but it’s simply a weather phenomenon.”

To which Israel News Online replied: “Yes it is of course. Now do we ask who controls the weather? Whatever the cause it sat between ISIS and Israel and did not enter Israel.”

Here’s the footage of the phenomenon: