[Video] Baron Geisler admits fight with Kiko Matos was ‘orchestrated’

Controversial multi-awarded actor Baron Geisler admitted through a Facebook post that the bar fight with indie actor Kiko Matos last May that led to a mixed martial arts bout that ended in a draw was not real but orchestrated.

Geisler made the disclosure following the recent incident with actor Ping Medina, where he urinated on Ping during a scene being shot for the indie film “Bubog.” What Geisler did was off-script. He has since apologized for it, while Medina filed a complaint against him.

Image capture of video by Rappler via YouTube channel
Image capture of video by Rappler via YouTube channel

In his post, Geisler revealed his fight with Kiko Matos is part of a documentary film called “Project Beastmode” and that because of the incident with Medina, “Project Beastmode” was put in a difficult situation.

Lest people might think that the “peeing incident” was also staged, Geisler clarified that “Project Beastmode” has nothing to do with what happened in the set of “Bubog.”


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