Watch: Tortoise whose leg was amputated due to vicious dog attack walks again with Lego wheel

Vince, a seven-year-old tortoise, had one of his front legs amputated after a vicious attack by a neighbor’s dog. But thanks to a veterinary doctor, Vince can walk again after he was fitted with a wheel made from Lego.

According to Mirror, in August this year, Vince was found by neighbors badly injured and missing his front leg. The little tortoise, measuring just 13cm long and 10cm wide, was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic where the pet owner was told that Vince might die.

Kara Paynton, Vince’s owner, said her pet went missing for two days after it escaped from its cage and found its way to a little tunnel under the fence leading into the neighbor’s house, where it was attacked by a dog.

“When I went, the vet told me he was in a bad way and that his bone was exposed and maggots had infected the wound. I was told he would probably die, so I prepared myself for the worst. They operated on him and cut the bone off, cleaned the infection and stitched him up,” Paynton said.

However, the procedure left Vince crippled and barely able to walk.

A veterinary nurse introduced Paynton to Nathan Portlock-Allan, an engineer who also owned a tortoise. The nurse said he could help Vince.

Nathan fitted Vince with a wheel made from Lego which he attached with rubber bands. The contraption allowed Vince to slowly get back on his feet and he is now well on the way to recovery, moving freely around his home.

CCTV News on Facebook shared these photos for a closer look at the tortoise’s new front leg.

Watch the amazing moment Vince was able to walk again in this clip shared by Times of India on You Tube:

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