Remember ‘Success Kid’? He actually saved his father by raising $100,000 for kidney transplant, thanks to his viral fame

Images from Laney Griner's Instagram post

Who would ever forget that kid in white-and-green shirt with a ‘determined’ look in his eyes and pumping his clenched fist in the air as if he just won the jackpot on a lottery, or got promoted to the company board?

His real name is Sammy Griner and the internet dubbed him as the ‘Success Kid’ for obvious reasons. His photo spawned thousands of memes online; mostly indicating one’s success from whatever endeavor – from passing a school exam to getting a first kiss.

Image from Laney Griner Instagram post
Image from Laney Griner Instagram post

The picture was taken by Sammy’s mother when he was only 11 months old. The kid was actually holding some sand in his fist, and there was nothing ‘successful’ about the feat, except, perhaps in putting some grain in his mouth, and thus the ‘determined’ expression.

Nevertheless, the photo went viral, and the ‘Success Kid’ moniker stuck. At first, the family said they felt uncomfortable about the boy’s online fame, but eventually accepted they could do very less about it now.

But his viral fame was actually put to good use early this year when the family run into a rough patch and needed to raise money for his father’s liver transplant.