[Viral] Sons surprise their dad with a new car; his reaction will (also) bring you to tears

Image capture from video by Nilo Dela Cruz via Facebook

Every father wants to see their sons grow up to become good men, as it is the reflection of how he fared as a parent.

Fortunately for this father, he has three boys who all turned out to be exactly what he wants them to be —  good sons.

A video is going viral on Facebook showing three sons surprising their dad with a new SUV. It was shared by one Nilo De La Cruz and has since gone viral on social media.

The sharer’s caption read: “Dad’s reaction when we gave him his new car.”

In the short clip, a man can be seen walking inside a parking building with one of his sons, while two others were ahead of them.

The unsuspecting father can be heard striking a conversation with one of the boys. He was asking about a school in the area.

Unknown to him, the others were already preparing to surprise him with their gift – a white Chevrolet SUV. As the father approaches, one of the boys handed him the car key and asked him to look to his right.

There it was, a brand new SUV in gleaming white!

Image capture from video by Nilo Dela Cruz via Facebook
Image capture from video by Nilo Dela Cruz via Facebook

The boys even asked their dad to ‘try’ the key if it’s working. And so the father did, and the car responded with a blinking light; signifying that the vehicle was indeed theirs.

One of the sons even joked that his dad need not worry about anything as the car had been already paid in full.

The father, overwhelmed by emotion, could only smile with happiness, before removing his eyeglasses to wipe the tears in his eyes.

The video has earned nearly over 70,000 positive reactions from netizens and has been shared more than 29,000 times.

“I’m sure umiiyak sya hindi dahil sa kotse, umiiyak siya dahil his sons grew to be good,” one commenter wrote.

[I’m sure he was crying, not because of the car; he was crying because his sons grew to be good.]

“Nakakainspire sila. mabuting mga bata sa magandang pagpapalaki ng magulang. God bless,” added another.

[They’re inspiring. Good sons from the right upbringing. God bless.]

Watch the heartwarming video: