Someone Actually Finished the 52-Week Money Challenge and Saved Php69,000!

Every start of the year, people make a New Year’s resolution but year after year these resolutions remain as resolutions and people just repost and remake these resolutions as another new year arrives… Most of us can easily relate with that, right?

Most New Year’s resolutions involve either losing weight or saving money – but both resolutions always become too difficult to follow through. Not for JB Dionisio! When he decided to take on the 52-week money challenge, he actually managed to complete it and has saved Php69,000 in a year! Isn’t that incredible?

Photo credit: JB Dionisio
Photo credit: JB Dionisio

According to Dionisio, he was inspired by the 52-week money challenge and because the weekly challenge started small, it was easier for him to do it in the first few months. But as the months progressed, the money got more difficult to save because he soon needed to take a huge chunk from his earnings to put inside his bamboo alkansiya.

Thankfully, he had already developed his savings habit by then and since he was halfway through the challenge, he decided to push through and challenge himself to finish what he started!

Amazingly enough, he was able to do it! Upon opening his alkansiya, he discovered that he was able to save up Php69,000!


He shared a photo of his broken alkansiya and his money – and it soon went viral because people were quite amazed that he was able to do it. Indeed, we are so amazed that we are re-sharing his story so this can save as inspiration for us to truly save up some money next year.

So, who’s up for the 52-week challenge? Let’s do it in 2017! There are lots of options for us to try — By starting with Php20, you get to save Php27,500 a year or by starting with Php100, you can save as much as Php137,000!

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