Sass Sasot Reveals VP Robredo’s Wealthy Lifestyle as Duterte Critics Slam Mocha Uson for Expensive Gadget

When the photo of Mocha Uson dining at CIBO and using a MacBook (Apple laptop) went viral some days ago, a lot of her supporters went to her rescue and posted on social media that anyone has the right to eat wherever they want and use what gadgets they could afford, as long as they are using their own money.

Understandably, her critics were laughing and bashed her for dining at a mid-range restaurant and using an expensive gadget when she’s considered as the ‘voice of the ordinary Filipino’. According to her critics, she should only be dining at cheap spots and using ordinary gadgets as with the ordinary Filipinos she is representing.

But Mocha’s supporters weren’t finished defending her from the critics. Fellow supporter of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, transgender activist Sass Rogando Sasot, pointed out that Vice President Leni Robredo is also touting herself as the champion of the rights of those in the ‘laylayan ng lipunan’ (lowest members of society) yet she also has an expensive lifestyle.

For example, Robredo was once photographed crossing a flooded spot while carrying what appears to be a Louis Vuitton bag; though some would say there are lots of fake LV bags you can just buy for less than Php1,000 – but do you think she would use a fake LV bag?

Photo credit: Sass Rogando Sasot / Facebook
Photo credit: Sass Rogando Sasot / Facebook

And here’s another LV bag used by Robredo’s daughter:


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