Saleslady and Customers of Cellphone Shop Earn Praise for Helping Old Man Who Wanted to Contact His Kids

A poor old man went to a cellphone shop to buy a unit – all because he wanted to contact his kids! But while he had a bit of a difficult time picking out a unit as he had limited funds and he couldn’t clearly see the prices on the display, saleslady Apple Jane Cardenas patiently helped him out and even put him first over the other customers who were there ahead of him.

When he finally settled for a unit that had a screen large enough for him to clearly see the letters, Cardenas told him the price was Php1,399 but when the old man gave her his money which he had collected by caroling, he only had Php1,040 in bills.

Photo credit: Apple Jane Cardenas / TNP - Trending News Portal
Photo credit: Apple Jane Cardenas / TNP – Trending News Portal

They counted his many coins but these only totaled Php179, leaving him with a balance of Php180. But while Cardenas tried to offer him smaller units, he wanted that one because of its screen.

Overhearing the exchange between the old man and the saleslady, the other customers pitched in to help out but because they were also buying their units and didn’t have a lot of extra cash, someone gave Php100, another gave Php20, and another Php10 – but that meant they still lack Php50!

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