After posting video about ‘worms on corned beef’, 2 women were arrested for demanding money based on the number of views (735,000)

Two women were arrested by operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for trying to extort money from a manufacturer of a corned beef brand on which they claimed to have found some worms.

The women, identified as Aldara and her niece Sistine Piñero, were apprehended by authorities after posting on Facebook a video allegedly showing the worms they found on a can of corned beef last month.

The couple demanded from Sunpride Foods, Inc, the manufacturer of said product, to give them P735,000 in exchange for removing the clip on their social media accounts. The amount was supposedly based on the number of views of the video.

According to an article by Nestle L. Semilla for Cebu Daily News, the suspects, both residents of Barangay Labangon in Cebu City, were under surveillance for two weeks before the arrest.

An officer from the manufacturing company said the suspects demanded from them P735,000 after the video went viral on social media.

Image capture of Aldara Dacoron Mirafuentes video via Facebook
Image capture of Aldara Dacoron Mirafuentes video via Facebook

“They uploaded a video in Aldara Mirafuentes Facebook account claiming that the corned beef they bought was rotten and contained worms,” said Henry Dy, general operations manager of Sunpride.

Dy added they tried to negotiate with the two women but failed because the latter demanded an amount that is equal to the views the video got.

One of the suspects even claimed they posted the video because they wanted to warn the public.

However, Dy said they become suspicious about the veracity of the claim because the can in the video was already opened and the corned beef were already put on a plate. Also, the product did not emit any foul odor despite allegedly discovering worms inside, which Dy said is very unlikely.

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday in an entrapment operation. They will be facing charges in violation of the Anti-Cybercrime Act and Robbery by means of Intimidation.

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