NYT Journalist Who Criticized Duterte’s Drug War Allegedly Got Robbed by Addicts in Pasay, Turns Out to be Fake News

A news article on OKD2.com about a New York Times journalist has recently gone viral after it was reported that the journo who was critical of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war just got robbed by two drug addicts in Pasay City.

The news spread like wildfire because it was pretty hilarious to imagine how Daniel Berehulak who wrote the piece, “They are Slaughtering Us Like Animals” on the New York Times in reference to the drug wars and extra-judicial killings in the Philippines would be robbed by the very addicts he tried to defend.

According to the OKD2 report, Berehulak was robbed along Pasay Road near corner Evangelista St. at around 9PM last Monday. He was allegedly held at gunpoint by two men who appeared to be intoxicated and high on *****.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Photo credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif

In a police blotter at the Pasay City police station, Berehulak reportedly said the men had robbed him of his camera, mobile phone, and wallet.

But while the article was well-received by Duterte supporters who laughed at Berehulak for becoming a victim of something he had defended, it turned out the news is fake. There had been no other news source about Berehulak’s supposed robbery from any of the mainstream media – and considering that he had recently made that item about the drug war, such news of his robbery would surely be of some importance to the media.

It would seem, then, that this was just another fake news – especially because OKD2.com works on a tagline “Awesome Stories Online” and writes on its “About Page” a Disclaimer that “In very rare cases, OKD2.com may publish some fiction to entertain our readers.

Perhaps the Berehulak news is one of these ‘very rare cases’… What do you think?

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