Netizens Slam Marcos Burial Protesters for Leaving Piles of Trash at Rally Site

After a lot of netizens expressed dismay on social media over the burial of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte announced that he gives all protesters the freedom to hold a rally for as long as they want, telling them he does not require a permit. It was definitely a “protest all you can” approval.

So, the protesters did flock to Luneta Park last November 25, then on November 30 at the historic and rather symbolic venue for their cause: the People Power Monument, the shrine created to immortalize the peaceful protest action that toppled the dictator (Marcos, of course).

A counter protest was also done by the groups who support the strongman’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Photo credit: Thinking Pinoy / Facebook
Photo credit: Thinking Pinoy / Facebook

But netizens would later slam the Marcos burial protesters for leaving piles of trash at their rally venue! This seems to validate the prevailing thought that the youth of today belong to ‘Generation Me’, meaning they only think of themselves.

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