Netizen Shares Video and Photos of Alleged Pickpocket Who Stole Another Passenger’s Phone

Social media user J-Anne Z. Mejia shares on Facebook a video and some photos of an alleged pickpocket inside an orange-cab heading to LRT Buendia from Mall of Asia (MOA). In her post, Mejia said she had a bad feeling about the man as he had his hand hidden under his bag and seemed to be doing something suspicious; thus, she decided to take some pictures and film him as well.

Knowing that she would surely be bashed for not taking action but only filming the incident, she mentioned that she actually wanted to shout but was afraid the man would hurt her or the other passengers – and the cab only had mostly female passengers at the time.

Photo credit: J-Anne Z. Mejia / Facebook
Photo credit: J-Anne Z. Mejia / Facebook

Meija thinks the man might have suspected she’s taking his photos but he had gone down with other passengers at the World Trade Center. She quickly asked the man’s seatmate whether she lost anything and the girl confirmed her phone was gone!

The driver and the girl’s companion tried to go after the alleged pickpocket but could no longer find him in the crowd.

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