Netizen Shares Scary ‘Engkanto’ Experience at Trinoma Parking Lot

Do you believe in ghosts and fairies? While it really is strange to think that we would still believe in things like that in this modern world, there are a number of people who swear that they had experienced seeing these strange entities or had unexplained experiences that one could only attribute to the third dimension…

Take, for example, this story shared by one netizen about her ‘engkanto’ experience at the parking lot of Trinoma Mall, a large shopping mall in Quezon City. Considering that this happened ‘in the big city’, it would be hard to believe that ‘engkantos’ still exist but her story reverberated in the community that other people even commented they also experienced the same thing. Hmmmm. Do you think this is believable?

Of course, it would be difficult for many to believe that this story really happened considering the modern world we live in but to those who believe in ghosts and the existence of supernatural creatures, this just another ‘proof’ that there exists a parallel world where these creatures actually exist…

In the story, a group of friends went to the mall to meet up with one of the women’s prospective client. They parked at the third floor and went into the mall, separating in twos as they had to attend to different things but things got weird when it was time for them to go home.

Photo inside Trinoma parking lot, not taken by the ladies in the story Photo credit: YouTube
Photo inside Trinoma parking lot, not taken by the ladies in the story
Photo credit: YouTube

Two of the ladies were able to find their car without a problem but the two others were shocked to find the parking lot deserted when they got back – and they thought their friends were playing a prank on them, especially because the two wouldn’t answer their phones.

Even though the mall was just about to close, the parking lot was dark and they were having a difficult time finding their way until finally they found a security guard who told them they were on the wrong floor although they were quite sure they were on the third floor.

When they finally found their friends, the two had a different story to tell as they had actually seen the lost ladies when they first got out of the elevator but they were with a different group of people and were acting weirdly. It was then that they realized they had just experienced something really spooky!

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