Mom didn’t sell anything at fair, so son took to Twitter & it was a hit; now she’s going global

Images from Martyn Hetts' Twitter post

A loving son from Stockport just couldn’t let his mother wallow in sadness, seeing her disappointed after not being able to sell any of her knitted items online and at a local craft fair that was organized to help raise funds for a charity.

So when Martyn Hett received the message from his mother Figen Murray of Manchester telling him about the bad news, the son immediately took to Twitter to ask for help from his friends.

He uploaded a photo of his mother’s stall with the caption: “My mum has set up her own stall at a craft fair and has messaged me to say she hasn’t sold anything yet and my heart is breaking.”

Image from Martyn Hett's Twitter post
Image from Martyn Hett’s Twitter post

Her first sell came within minutes; with Hett’s friend buying one of her ‘monster gloves’ from her Depop online shop. Then another order followed for three more items. Three became nine, and the trend continued for days.

“Since I tweeted she’s gone from selling nothing to around 40 items in just a few days,” Hett tweeted again. “She is overwhelmed by the reaction. Very happy, very excited, and glad she can do something good with the money by donating it.”

Within a week her current stock of about 60 knitted items are nearly sold out. The weekend that followed had her very busy with outstanding orders which were also all sold-out.

Her clients didn’t only come from the United Kingdom but from as far as America and Australia as well. She also became a Twitter sensation overnight.