Man punches kangaroo in the face to save his pet dog

Image capture of video by Viral Hog via YouTube channel

A man in Australia punched a big buck kangaroo in the face in order to save his pet dog trapped in the marsupial’s headlock.

A video that has gone viral with more than 5,890,000 views since it was uploaded on December 4, 2016 showed a man leaping from a vehicle and racing over to help his pet dog, highly trained to hunt boars, that has collided with the kangaroo that then wrestled the dog by its neck.

Image capture of video by Viral Hog
Image capture of video by Viral Hog

The dog was seen trying to free itself from the tight grip of the kangaroo. The kangaroo released the dog when its owner gets close; it then stands tall and appeared to be prepared to attack the man. According to Viral Hog, a kangaroo kick to the stomach could seriously hurt the man, so he was seen backing off from the marsupial to maintain a safe distance from it.

The man then punched the kangaroo square on its snout that stopped it from bouncing forward. The kangaroo appeared to be stunned by the punch as it stood still after it was hit. The man signaled his dog to get back to the safety of their vehicle. The kangaroo turned tail and bounced away.