LOOK: Student Goes Viral for Bringing Mary Statuette and Rosary in Hopes of Passing His Exams

A photo of an unnamed student has gone viral on Facebook because it shows him taking his exams while a statuette of the Virgin Mary and a rosary were placed on his desk. It was clear to everyone that the student wants to pass his exams so bad that he would willingly do anything (but not something bad like cheating) to achieve his goal.

It seems that this young lad had studied for the tests but just wanted to make sure he doesn’t forget anything and that he would surely pass the exams; thus, he brought the statuette. We’re not sure if the teacher gave him plus points for creativity on that one but we do hope he passed his exams!

Photo credit: Louisian Daily / Facebook
Photo credit: Louisian Daily / Facebook

What can you say about this young man? Have you tried something similar back when you were a student? Share to us what you did…

H/T: RachFeed