LOOK: Photoshopped Php30 Bill Featuring Duterte Goes Viral, Receives Mixed Reactions

Someone created a Php30 bill featuring Pres. Rodrigo Duterte – and the Photoshopped bill quickly went viral on social media; though it received mixed reactions from his supporters and critics alike.

As expected, critics weren’t too happy with this ‘development’ although they were laughing at the photo used for the bill. Of all the photos someone could use for money, whoever Photoshopped the bill used a rather unimpressive photo of what appears to be an angry (possibly cursing?) Duterte who also appeared to be flipping his middle finger.

Photo credit: President Duterte Supporters / Facebook
Photo credit: President Duterte Supporters / Facebook

Whoever Photoshopped this money wasn’t entirely his fan – that’s for sure. In fact, it is still unclear who edited this photo [it had been widely shared without proper credits] and whether the person behind this strange money is pro or anti Duterte.

Many of his supporters were excited at the prospect of the president’s image placed in a Philippine bill; though they also hope whoever will make the bill will use a better photo. Also, many suggested that Duterte be placed in a newly created larger bill – in a Php2,000 or a Php5,000, if that is possible.

Hmmm. What do you think? Should new money be created with Pres. Duterte’s face?

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