LOOK: Japanese Guy Volunteers at Duterte’s Kitchen, Also Calls on His Countrymen to Volunteer and Donate Whatever They Can!

Screenshot from Facebook post by Mocha Uson Blog

It seems that Duterte’s Kitchen in Cubao, Quezon City has truly touched a lot of lives! Not only has the soup kitchen received plenty of donations from people who wanted to help feed the needy, there had also been lots of volunteers who continually help prepare the food and ensure that more street kids will be fed.

The soup kitchen has received so much donation that it now had enough to do a little outreach program – they helped feed the residents of Nia Road in Brgy Piñahan, Quezon City whose homes were gutted with fire a few days ago.

Screenshot from Facebook post by Mocha Uson Blog
Screenshot from Facebook post by Mocha Uson Blog

Amazingly, one of the volunteers in that outreach program was a Japanese guy who is in the country to help out those in need – visiting orphanages and volunteering in various ways he could!

He was spotted by Mocha Uson who happened to be also helping out that day. Watch the interview here and be amazed at this guy’s big heart to help poor Filipinos…

Buti pa ang ibang lahi tumutulong pero ang bleeding hearts ngawa lang ng ngawa. Panay plano pa para pabagsakin ang bansa. Haaaay naku.

FOR FULL VIDEO- https://www.facebook.com/Mochablogger/videos/10154951817256522/

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Friday, December 30, 2016