Jose Manalo Offers ‘Sugod Bahay’ Winner a Job but Immediately Gets Competition after Studio Receives Message of Another Job Offer

Screenshot from Eat Bulaga / GMA

A lucky ‘Sugod Bahay’ winner did not just receive the standard prizes that winners get from the show such as appliances and money but also got something long-term after host Jose Manalo offered him a job.

The gay winner mentioned that he works as a seamstress and earns around Php1,500 a week; though he couldn’t save up enough money to fix their house which was actually open to the elements.

Screenshot from Eat Bulaga / GMA
Screenshot from Eat Bulaga / GMA

Taking pity on the seamstress, Manalo offered her a job; though it would seem that the job offer was partly a joke as he asked whether she was good at taking measurements because he was opening a funeral parlor.

Manalo repeated the offer, though, saying that he was actually serious and would later get the guy’s number.

Back at the studio, however, Manalo seems to have gotten himself a competition because a certain ‘Beki’ sent a text message for the team to ask for the seamstress’ number for a job offer! Oooops. Manalo half-joked that he wasn’t going to share the number because he’s on the site and was not about to share – although we’re not even sure whether his offer was legit in the first place or just a joke

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