Heartwarming Post Showing Soldiers’ Simple ‘Noche Buena’ and Bullets Christmas Tree Goes Viral

While many of us are comfortable in our own homes, enjoying a Noche Buena or Christmas feast and taking family pictures in front of beautiful Christmas trees with sparkling lights and lovely décor, our soldiers and various officers of the law are in the field, away from their families on Christmas day.

A group of these soldiers made the most of their situation by indulging in a simple Christmas feast in the jungle, dining on banana leaves and possibly pretending their families were around.

Photo credit: TNP - Trending News Portal / Facebook
Photo credit: TNP – Trending News Portal / Facebook

They don’t have Christmas trees in the jungle – and definitely no Christmas lights and tinsel to hang – but they do have their bullets and ammunition; thus, the creative soldiers created their own Christmas tree from these bullets. They still look shiny and bright on that makeshift Christmas tree – and they even made a shining star on top of the tree!


Yes, they weren’t able to celebrate Christmas the way we did but they the most of what they had at the moment and still enjoyed the celebration. Isn’t this lovely?

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  1. Please site the owner or the website where you grabbed the photo of the bullet Christmas Tree and that is nowhere in the Philippines. That photo of the bullet Christmas Tree is from IRAQ.

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