Group vows to defend President Duterte from sinister forces

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A day after President Rodrigo Duterte said that there was a plot to oust him, a group of loyal supporters vowed to defend him at all costs.

In a speech before a Bicolano federalist group in Legazpi City, Duterte said, “Wala akong away kay Leni [I have no quarrel with Leni]. I don’t want to pick a fight with a lady, pero ‘yung demonstrations ng yellows, ang target diyan, ako [but the demonstrations of the “yellows”- the target is me]. They want to oust me.”

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As per InterAksyon, the one million-strong group called “Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Council (MRRD-NECC) rallied its members and supporters across the country to “defend the President at all costs” after the President revealed the plot by some sectors to oust him.

The MRRD-NECC on Friday, December 10, vowed to use “blunt force” against efforts to discredit the President.

“These threats on the office of the people’s President will not prosper. Any supposed plan being hatched by anyone or group of removing him from office through unconstitutional means shall be dealt with blunt force by the millions of Filipinos who have had enough of the apathy, negligence and ineptness of previous administrations,” MRRD-NECC Chairman Guiling Mamondiong said.

The MRRD-NECC claimed that President Duterte is the only president the country had who “show genuine concern for” and empower the Filipino people.

The group said President Duterte is the country’s last chance for real change.

“There is no president in the history of the country other than President Duterte who cared so passionately about the country’s future. As he said, he will stake everything, even his life and the presidency in pursuit of his dreams of making the Philippines a better and safer place to live in,” Mamondiong said.