Critically-wounded cop tries to save fallen comrade-friend; both die within hours of each other

  • Two Georgia police officers were killed after responding to a domestic dispute
  • One of the cops, already critically-wounded, tried to save his fallen comrade by performing CPR
  • He eventually died beside his fallen comrade
  • His best friend also succumbed to injuries hours later at a hospital

Two police officers in Georgia, who were best friends since high school, were inseparable, even in their deaths.

Officers Nicholas Smarr and Jody Smith died within hours of each other last week after responding to a domestic dispute. They were shot by the suspect, Minquell Kennedy Lembrick; a career criminal whose rap sheet consisted of 32 pages.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Smarr’s uncle, Michael Waters, narrated how the heartbreaking tragedy happened for the best of friends whom he called the ‘bravest men he ever heard of’.

Police Officer Nick Smarr| Image from Americus Police Department
Police Officer Nick Smarr| Image from Americus Police Department

Citing CCTV footage of the incident, Waters said that on Wednesday morning, Smarr received a call about a domestic dispute at an apartment near Georgia Southwestern State University.

Smith, who was a campus officer of the school, overheard the radio exchange and decided to ‘back up his friend’, despite some officers already on their way to same crime scene.

After the two officers arrived at the location, they immediately recognized the suspect and pursued him inside the house.

But Lembrick fired several shots; hitting Smith first and critically wounding him. Smarr returned fire but was hit too. Both suffered gunshot wounds to their head.


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