Cool Video of Filipino Soldiers Doing the Mannequin Challenge Goes Viral

Screenshot from video by John Mark Gatchalian / Facebook

With the Mannequin Challenge becoming so popular that even Hollywood stars and prominent politicians are participating, many Filipinos have also joined the trend.

The latest of these Mannequin Challenge videos going viral features SROC MALAWI CLASS 86-16 of the First Scout Ranger Regiment taken at Camp Tecson in San Miguel, Bulacan in the Philippines.

Screenshot from video by John Mark Gatchalian / Facebook
Screenshot from video by John Mark Gatchalian / Facebook

In the clip, the soldiers could be first seen in combat position, ready for whatever will come their way but as the video progresses, the funny side of these frontliners could also be seen. While some were smiling, others were doing silly things like the pair with one sleeping and the other one trying to tickle him.

It really is fun to see these soldiers enjoying themselves even for just a few moments since they often live a grim life in the battlefield.

Filipino Soldiers doing the Mannequin Challenge

First Scout Ranger Regiment – Camp Tecson, San Miguel, Bulacan
Cuenca Bvicente

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Posted by John Mark Gatchalian on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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  1. I salute you all Filipino soldiers.. Take good care yourself!! PH nation needs your protection!
    May God bless you all..

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