Cayetano Shares Photo of Duterte Still Busy in a Meeting at 1AM Despite a Day of Meetings and Events

Everyone knows that a President’s job is a difficult one because not only are you supposed to lead the nation, you also have to attend various meetings and events for the good of the country – that is something that is often not seen by critics because they are busy watching out for what wrong and negative thing the president will do.

Last week, Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano shares a photo of him attending a meeting at 1AM with the president’s men. In the post he shared on Facebook, Cayetano wrote, “Blessed to have a very hard working President. At 1am after numerous meetings and events he is still leading discussions in this briefing. GOD Bless PRRD! GOD Bless The Philippines!

Photo credit: Alan Peter Cayetano / Facebook
Photo credit: Alan Peter Cayetano / Facebook

The post was well received by supporters, with comments praising the president and also Cayetano for working hard to make the country a better place to live in. There were also those who commented how such things never make it to mainstream media because only the negative news sell.

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