Watch: Brave woman confronts ‘intel cop’ in plain clothes who tried to ‘apprehend’ an Indian guy

A female commuter has been earning praises for bravely confronting three men who introduced themselves as ‘intelligence officer’ while trying to apprehend an Indian national.

The  viral video was shared on Pinoy Viral Videos Facebook page and has since been viewed more than a million times with more than 17,000 reactions and over 40,000 shares.

The sharer, who is believed to be the husband of the woman, narrated they were travelling when they saw that the three guy ahead of them suddenly flagged down the Indian guy aboard a motorcycle with side car.

Image capture from video by Pinoy Viral Videos via Facebook
Image capture from video by Pinoy Viral Videos via Facebook

Introducing themselves as ‘police intel’, one of the men accosted the Indian and demanded to see the latter’s driver’s license as well as the documents for the side car.

“Magkakasunod kami sa kalye, mabilis andar nya kesa sa amin. Di naman sya inaano ng nang Indiano. Bigla nya hinarang. Nasa likod kmi ng indiano kaya kitang kita namin,” the sharer wrote.

[We were trailing behind them, and they were driving faster than us. The Indian guy did nothing but they suddenly blocked his path. We were behind the Indian man that’s why we saw everything.]

“Sabi nya kay manong: “Akin na lisensya mo.” Sbi ni manong, punta tau police station. Pinipilit pdn nya. Nilapitan sila nun nakaradyo n nakaitim, sinususugan un pulis na bigay lisensya,” he said.

[He told the Indian man: Give me your license. The Indian guy replied: Let’s go to a police station. But the group insisted. Then the man in black shirt holding a radio approached and agreed with the cop to hand them over the license.]

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