Best Friends Both Land in Top 10 of Teacher’s Board Exams!

It is always great to have a best friend who uplifts and helps you achieve your dreams while working on their own dreams at the same time – because success is definitely sweeter when you share it would your friends and loved ones.

This is what happened to best friends Clarissa Pascual and Heidiebel Balais who graduated from Mariano Marcos State University College of Education in Ilocos Norte. The two became good friends since their first year in college and had continually motivated each other to study hard and graduate. But not only that, they both aimed to graduate with honors – something they achieved, with both graduating with Latin honors, specifically cum laude.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

Awesome #FriendshipGoals, right? Well, their goal did not stop there. They both wanted to pass the licensure exams for teachers (LET).

Although they went to different review centers, they managed to keep their friendship alive by seeing each other after the lessons – and even comparing and sharing what they had learned for the day.

After taking their board exams last September and waiting for the results, both applied and were accepted at a call center where they are currently working now. They vowed to get back to teaching when their contract ends. They are hoping they could work at their alma mater when the time comes.

When the board exam results came in, they were amazed to have found a spot in the top 10! Pascual ranked seventh while Balais is tenth. Amazingly, they weren’t the only ones from their school to make it to the top 10! In fact, three others also landed on the top 10 and the school had a passing rate of 87.72%, making the school the sixth best performing school in the country.

But it is even more amazing that the best friends who were just aiming to both pass the exams actually made it to the top 10!

Congratulations to you both, Clarissa Pascual and Heidiebel Balais!