Beautiful ‘Budol-Budol’ Girl Pretending to be Daughter of Red Ribbon Owner Takes Php12k from Nearby Restaurant

A slim and beautiful girl entered the premises of HEALTHY CRAVINGS Robinsons Santiago in Santiago, Cagayan Valley in the Philippines. She engaged the staff in an animated chat, leading them to believe that she’s the daughter of the nearby Red Ribbon shop’s owner.

Seeing that she looks beautiful and ‘rich’, they believed her story. Social media user and Healthy Cravings staff Bhel Gacosta shared the story on Facebook for others to be aware of this modus operandi.

Photo credit: Bhel Gacosta / Facebook
Photo credit: Bhel Gacosta / Facebook

According to Gacosta, the girl asked whether Red Ribbon can exchange some bills with Healthy Cravings and even ordered the restaurant’s bestseller items. When the Healthy Cravings staff joked that maybe Red Ribbon can give them a free taste of their cakes since she’s the owner’s daughter, the girl readily went to Red Ribbon and came back with a box of cake!

At this point, the Healthy Cravings staff had no doubt that this girl was, in fact, the owner’s daughter.

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