Baron Geisler Posts Public Apology to Ping Medina, Slams Director for ‘Making it Happen’

Baron Geisler has a reputation for being a bad boy actor, especially when he’s drunk – and he’s faced a number of charges and complaints regarding his behavior in the past but it seems that he had outdone himself when he urinated on fellow actor Ping Medina during the shooting for upcoming film, Bubog, under Director Arlyn dela Cruz.

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Days after the incident, Geisler writes a lengthy apology on Facebook. While he apologized for his behavior to Medina and told the latter that he (Medina) is free to write whatever he feels about him, the actor slammed the director for ‘allowing things to happen’.

In the post, Geisler revealed that he was hesitant to accept the project because he heard of dela Cruz’s supposed propensity for changing her mind in the middle of filming and making actors change their characters mid-shoot. He said dela Cruz was able to convince him to join the project and to even promise that he’ll be sober.

He also mentioned how he went out of his way to buy the director ‘palabok’ when he saw her post about not finding the food at the local market.

Photo credit: Baron Geisler / Facebook
Photo credit: Baron Geisler / Facebook

According to Geisler, there were a number of times the director and the team had let him down in terms of his working schedule – and though he didn’t have enough sleep the previous night because of his heart-to-heart talk with Medina, they woke him up early and told him he was needed on the set but his scenes actually began shooting by mid-afternoon.

It also angered him that they were told to go to the second location immediately and he was not allowed to rest but his scenes were shot late in the night. By then, he had downed 4 cans of beer but said that for guys like him, that much beer isn’t enough for him to be considered ‘drunk’.

Instead of apologizing to dela Cruz about urinating on Medina and ruining the shoot, Geisler slammed the director for ‘making it happen’, saying that he told her he was ‘going to do something’ but she said he could go right ahead and didn’t ask what he was planning to do.

In his post, Geisler wrote that if only dela Cruz asked him what he was going to do, then the incident would have been prevented!

He wrote, “Sinabihan ko siya na may gagawin ako ngunit nagmamadali siya para matapos na kami hindi na niya nagawang tanungin kung ano itong gagawin ko at sinabe nalang niya na “Sige gawin mo nalang wag mo na sabihin sakin” bilang isang direktor kailangan alamin mo parin upang maiwasan ang mga ganitong pangyayari.

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