Artist sells unique drawer for mother-in-law’s hospitalization expenses

Images by Jomike Tejido via Facebook
  • An artist sells a unique large blue elephant drawer for his mother-in-law’s stay in the intensive care unit after she underwent a heart surgery
  • Jomike Tejido calls his wooden elephant drawers as Elly Riders
  • His largest Ely Rider which is on sale is dubbed as ‘elephant for the heart’

An artist is now selling one of his original creations — a unique wooden elephant drawer — for his mother-in-law’s stay in the intensive care unit

On Facebook, artist Jomike Tejido announced that his largest wooden elephant drawer is now on sale to help them finance his mother-in-law’s medication.

“An elephant for the heart. My largest Elly Rider (blue) is on sale at my studio for the benefit of my mother-in-law’s running hospital bill. 100 percent of the sale will help fund her stay at the ICU due to heart surgery,” he captioned the set of photos which he posted on the aforementioned social media platform.

“Jomike Tejido’s Elly Riders are wooden elephant sculptures that aim to provide a unique accent for kids’ rooms or any interior spaces. They have concealed storage drawers and shelves for keeping rooms tidy. Their operable panels are subtle and their quality hinges and mechanisms are designed to retain their sculptural quality as accent art pieces,” he added.

Image by Jomike Tejido via Facebook
Image by Jomike Tejido via Facebook

Tejido also said that the Elly Rider, which has a built-in florescent light inside, can be a perfect toy storage, and things organizer, as  well.

“Central swing out doors open out from center to reveal the interior play desktop. It has a built-in fluorescent light inside. Top rectangle panel also flips up to open the corner. Three slide-out drawers are lined on the belly area for toy storage,” he further noted.

The elephant structure is being sold at P45,000 and will be delivered for free if the buyer is in Metro Manila.

Interested buyers may send a message to Tejido’s Facebook account.