A Canadian Who Considers Himself “Filipino at Heart” Shares His Inspiring Story When He First Experienced Filipino Values. Read Now!

The Philippines had been blessed with so many wonderful things that makes tourists want to go back over and over again in this country: from the different tourist attractions of different islands, delicious cuisines and delicacies, souvenirs and tokens and so much more. But among these, there is something that strikes almost every tourist and visitor in the country, something that Filipinos who go abroad take along with them — the world famous Filipino hospitality.

One tourist who visited the Philippines, Canadian Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman, 27, considers buy Windows 10 Professional Key himself as a proud “Filipino at heart”. Kyle’s firsthand experience with the kindness and hospitality of Filipinos made him love the Philippines more than he ever thought he would. He fell in love with the country the very first time that he set foot on it. His famous YouTube channel and Facebook page shows his daily life in the Philippines — and you would think he is a full-blooded Filipino!

There’s this one experience that made him realize how kind and hospitable Filipino people are, and he wanted to share that story with others.

This is his story that he shared on his Facebook page:

So there I was, on a small Island off the coast of Eastern Visayas in the Philippines, standing on the deck of a random house trying to get some shade from the scorching heat of the sun. All of a sudden the door pops open and this older Tita takes a look at me…

She suddenly closes the door and disappears inside.

For a brief moment I felt bad. I shouldn’t have been standing so close to her door and on her property. That was probably a bit intrusive and inappropriate. I mean, I didn’t even know her and she didn’t know me. Yikes…. I felt a bit bad.

Then she suddenly came back and opened the door again. Chrispina Garrado was 79 nine years old, and had a complete random stranger imposing on her deck. What did she do? That chair I am sitting on in this photo… she took it from inside her house and brought it for me. She insisted that I take a seat and relax. In fact, she saw my friends a bit farther down the street and offered the bench.

I am telling you right now… this is the kind of stuff that needs to be shared around the world. This is the kind of cheap Windows 10 Professional Key simple beauty I can’t get enough of here in the Philippines… Especially in the Provinces. The kind of simple beauty that inspires me so much.

She wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t angry. She didn’t even ask me to leave. This Filipina Tita was teaching me a lesson. A lesson I believe we should all pass along:

“Believe in the good in people. Don’t be afraid of the world around you.”

You know… this exact same thing happened two more times that same day to my Filipino friends I was with.

I am so happy to be back energized to share more stories and adventures with you… full of inspiration from people just like Tita Chrispina, 79 years old, from Homonhon Island, Eastern Samar.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

– Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann

Super Apir!

Photo credits: Facebook