Woman Pretending to be Owner’s Friend, Steals Thousands of Pesos from a Pharmacy

A scammer who pretended to be the owner’s friend took off with thousands of pesos in cash plus four expensive bottles of Dr. Alvin toner from a pharmacy outlet in Parañaque, Metro Manila – and she even managed to convince two of the owner’s trusted pharmacy assistants (PAs) to leave the store to accompany her!

In a post of Facebook, furious owner Lota Guinto Garcia shared how the woman scammed her trusted PAs by introducing herself as “Dr. Cherrie”, a friend of the owner. The scammer told the PAs that Madam told her to exchange the 50s and 100s bills from the pharmacy with the bigger bills she’s bringing. It is actually a wonder that the PAs didn’t catch why this woman is calling her supposed close friend as ‘Madam’ but the sweet-talking woman managed to make them believe what she was saying.

After receiving the money totaling to Php7,500, the woman was even able to convince the two PAs to go with her to get the lechon and pancit she was supposed to give to Garcia. But after going some distance, she let the two off and told them that Garcia called that she’ll be the one to get the lechon and pancit instead. So, the two rode public transport back to the store – and only then did they realize that they were scammed.

Photo credit: Lota Guinto Garcia / Facebook
Photo credit: Lota Guinto Garcia / Facebook

Garcia and the PAs quickly went to the police station to blotter the incident. Armed with the CCTV footage of the incident, they reported the matter to the police but were shocked to discover that they weren’t the only ones duped by “Dr. Cherrie”.

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