Woman Posts Hilarious ‘Problem’ with Uber and Grab Rides

Commuters in Metro Manila and a few key cities in the Philippines where the services are offered have a lot of praises for Uber and Grab, especially because they feel safer riding via these app-based systems which function like taxi cabs.

Since Uber and Grab actually let passengers ride in unmarked ‘private’ vehicles unlike taxi cabs which have large “Taxi” names and distinct lights, these could have some sort of inconvenience to you if, well, you have gossip-mongering neighbors like this social media user has. LOL.

According to netizen Marilou Olegario, she will never ride Uber and Grab cars again in going home because her gossip-mongering neighbors are telling everyone else in the neighborhood that different guys bring her home every night!

Photo credit: Marilou Olegario / Facebook
Photo credit: Marilou Olegario / Facebook

We’re guessing she’s joking, of course, though if she’s telling the truth about the gossiping part, it still is quite hilarious because technically the ‘gossip’ was true! LOL.

That’s pretty hilarious Ms. Marilou! We hope you win the ‘case’ at your barangay hall. Good luck! LOL.