WATCH: Hilarious ‘Boxing sa Kawayan’ Fight Goes Viral, Draws Much Laughter

Photo credit: Batang Polomolok / Facebook

Filipinos have this knack of inventing the most hilarious games and fights – one of these is the ‘boxing sa kawayan’ (boxing on a bamboo) wherein the boxers fight while straddling a bamboo pole. The rule of the game is simple: outbox your opponent and stay on the bamboo.

Whoever stays on the bamboo wins the round – and, of course, whoever wins the most rounds, wins the match! It really is so simple but the results are quite hilarious.

Photo credit: Batang Polomolok / Facebook
Photo credit: Batang Polomolok / Facebook

Unlike regular boxing, the boxers can’t go on hitting their opponent in boxing sa kawayan because that would surely make them lose their balance first. Also, the boxers do not win based entirely on their prowess in boxing but actually more on their leg power and ability to hang on to the bamboo pole longer than their opponent.

It really is fun to watch – and would surely get you laughing hard. It reminds me more of a fight between spiders than a boxing match. LOL.

Check out this fun video:

Boxing Sa Kawayan – First FightBoxing Sa Kawayan – First Fight
Pinyahan Festival 2016

Posted by Batang Polomolok on Tuesday, August 30, 2016