WATCH: Chief Bato Cries Over Bad Cops and Lost Public Trust in the PNP

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is supposed to be one of the government agencies that people can trust and run to anytime they are in trouble yet the agency has become so tainted that its reputation is down; the public no longer trusts the cops!

During the Senate hearing, Kerwin Espinosa readily admitted that he gave money to cops in exchange for his protection. According to Espinosa, while he earned about Php50 million last year, only about Php30 million went to his pockets because he gave around Php20 million in payola to these rogue cops.

Photo credit: PhilStar
Photo credit: PhilStar

Despite such practice being ‘common knowledge’, the admission deeply saddened chief Gen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa who broke down in tears after hearing Espinosa’s admission.

He said, “Your honor, I cannot blame the public if they are losing trust and confidence in their police because I myself… hindi ko na alam kung sino ang pagkakatiwalaan. (I have no idea who I should trust.)

Gustung-gusto ko lang ma-reform ang PNP… pero ako ay hirap na hirap na. I will never surrender. Kaya ko ‘to. Hindi ko ito uurungan lilinisin ko ang PNP hangga’t sa makakaya ko (I really want to reform the PNP but I am truly having a difficult time doing it. I will never surrender. I can do this. I will never stop trying to clean up the PNP for as long as I can),” the emotional PNP chief added.

Watch the emotional moment here: