VP Robredo’s Esquire Magazine Cover Earns Mixed Reactions

With her position as the Vice President of the Philippines and the fact that she is the highest ranking woman official in the country, Leni Robredo is certainly the perfect choice as cover for Esquire Magazine’s “Heroes and Villains” issue but netizens are torn over whether this was acceptable and appropriate or not.

As expected, her supporters were thrilled over her being chosen as the magazine’s cover for the issue but her critics were not so pleased that she was doing photoshoots and interviews for the magazine when she should be working.

Of course, Robredo is not expected to work 24/7 but her critics believe that unless she is able to fulfill all her duties to the people, especially with her task as the government’s housing czar, then she is supposed to focus more on her work and not on granting media interviews or getting featured on a magazine.

Cover of ESQUIRE
Cover of ESQUIRE
Photo credit: ESQUIRE / Inquirer

These critics forgot, however, that even the world’s busiest leaders pause from their jobs and responsibilities from time to time just to relax and spend time with their families or even to get themselves interviewed and photographed for magazine covers.

Robredo’s supporters believe that many of her critics are merely jealous of the success and prestige she’s enjoying. On the other hand, her critics think that she really should just focus on her job and are asking what she’s doing considering that Duterte had given her (in her capacity as housing czar) and Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Sec. Michael Diño a directive to ensure that the victims of the 2013 Supertyphoon Yolanda will finally get their homes by December.

Based on Diño’s reports on Facebook, however, it was clear that many of the houses are near completion or even ready for distribution by December 1; though Robredo’s critics do not believe she’s helping Diño out.

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So, is it really wrong for the vice president to stop for a while and go on a photoshoot/interview for a magazine cover?


  1. She is clearly useless. What the F has she done since shes been in office?!, other than criticize the working President of the Philippines. Dispose of this fraud VP already!!

  2. stop for a while???? holy shit she has not even done anything! she has been on stop mode from day 1. do you people in ESQUIRE EVEN BOTHER TO RESEARCH YOUR SUBJECTS? & no she was not working with Dino… Duterte ordered Dino because Robredo is useless, a robotic idiot that dances to the tune of the oligarchs who cheated bigtime to get her in that position. Filipinos pray for the day she be disqualified & get out of that position, then she’ll be a footnote in history as the woman who cheated her way to the vice presidency!

  3. Danny De Dios HAHAHA .. your english needs to be honed…. she did not finish the road map for 2017 the headline read Comprehensive housing road map to be completed by Q1 2017–HUDCC TO BE COMPLETED does not mean was completed! symantics! that was a Sept 18 headline of The Business Mirror… goes on to say…THE Housing and Urban Deve-lopment Coordinating Council (HUDCC) has
    pushed back its timetable for the completion of the comprehensive
    housing road map to the first quarter of 2017. here read the whole article http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/comprehensive-housing-road-map-to-be-completed-by-q1-2017-hudcc/. The biggest problem with her followers & the yellows is you shoot off from the mouth without researching in defense of the indefensible. Lets try it again name me one, just 1 thing she has done? Honestly? Ako I’m looking forward to 2017 na matanggal na sya sa pwesto ng Vice Presidente she is just occupying space.. Let the real winner BBM sit.

  4. Bongbong Marcos, in his 6 years as senator authored and passed 1 stupid insignificant bill in the senate Rep. Act 10632: “The Postponement of the Sangguniang Kabataan Elections”. One bill in 6 years clearly tells every right minded Filipino that this dumbass Bongbong had a problem understanding his task as a senator. His time in the Philippine Senate was a waste of time and money, this dumbass should just stay in Ilocos where he rightfully belongs.

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