To Decongest Metro Manila, Alvarez Wants Malacañang and Gov’t Offices Moved to Negros Island

There are a lot of things troubling the Philippines these days – two of these are 1) heavy traffic in Metro Manila and 2) the possible dissolution of the newly created Negros Island Region (NIR) in central Philippines.

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte believes that the government does not have enough funds to allocate for the new region as there are other pressing concerns across the country that needed more attention and more money – as for the traffic situation in Metro Manila, he believes that decongestion can happen if development expands to the countryside, not just in the already highly urbanized metropolitan city.

Banking on these situations, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez believes that the government will be hitting two birds with one stone if central government offices and the Malacañang Palace (or at least the country’s seat of power, not the actual palace structure) will be moved to Negros island.

Photo credit: NIR
Photo credit: NIR

He did not elaborate on what part of the island he hopes to get these government offices moved to but he believes that this will be the best solution to many of the government’s problems, especially because the island has a central location in the country – this means that the island is virtually ‘accessible to everyone’.

Right now, people often head up to Luzon because the country’s seat of power is there but with Duterte also holding office in Davao City, his hometown located in Mindanao, since he became president, a second seat of power has also been created there; however, traveling between Luzon and Mindanao can be time-consuming and expensive whereas having the seat of power somewhere on Negros Island will make it more accessible to everyone, whether from Luzon or from Mindanao!

Clark is one of the primary locations being eyed for government expansions or possible relocations, thanks to its proximity to Metro Manila but Alvarez thinks it is high time that the seat of power shifts to the middle part of the country. What do you think?


  1. Magandang balita to sa mga taga-Negros! Sana sa ibang probinsya rin para naman magkaroon din ng mga trabaho yung mga taga ibang probinsya!

  2. Good Idea! Malaking benefits ang mabibigay nito. Tama lang na bawasan na ang mga govt offices sa manila kasi andami na dyan tao sa manila! Over Populated na!

  3. Siguro mainam na mailipat yung ibang opisina. Para naman magkaroon din ng mga trabaho yung mga nasa probinsya lang!

  4. kung itatapon mga ahensya sa ibat ibang lugar tiyak na hindi na sila magigin capital at laolong lalo na mababawasan ang populasyon dyan

  5. Magandang balita to sa mga taga-Negros! Sana sa ibang probinsya rin para naman magkaroon din ng mga trabaho yung mga taga ibang probinsya!

  6. tma naman na naisip mo cong. alvarez para nman hindi na luluwas pa ng maynila ang mga taga negros para maghanap ng trabho .

  7. bakit kailangan pang lumipat ayos naman dito na sa maynila, gagastos lang imbes na malaan na lng sa mas importanteng bagay ang pera

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