This Honest Driver Goes Viral for Returning Student’s Bag with Smartphone Inside

These days, a lot of people keep to themselves things that they find (especially expensive ones!) because they feel that they deserve the item by virtue of the “finders keepers” rule. Still, there are those who remain virtuous despite being faced with the temptation of keeping these found items – and they find a way to return the items to their rightful owners.

Take for example an old public utility jeepney (PUJ) driver in Olongapo City, Ricardo Magno, who recently went viral on social media for his kind and honest deed in returning a student’s bag. For aside from the bag containing some school and personal items, the student’s smartphone was also inside.

Now, snatchers abound Metro Manila and other developed areas across the country – and smartphones are highly valuable and can be sold off at higher prices. The driver could have sold the smartphone in the student’s bag. He could have also given it to his family.

Photo credit: Eliza Jane Cortez / Facebook
Photo credit: Eliza Jane Cortez / Facebook

But Magno, who drives yellow PUJ with body number J-01 254, knew that the items weren’t his and, that, somewhere out there was a kid crying because of the lost items. So, he did the right thing: return these to the rightful owner!

The student’s mom, Eliza Jane Cortez, later shares the story on Facebook along with Magno’s photo and that of the items found inside the bag. She praised the driver for being honest at the time when there are lots of people who choose the easy way out and keep things to themselves.

Cortez tags Olongapo City Mayor Rolen Paulino in her post, hoping that Magno will get an award for his honesty. She also revealed that she had already gone to the traffic management office to report the incident, praising Magno for his actions.

Do you think Magno deserves to be rewarded or should actions like this not special but actually his duty to do?