Ping Medina Breaks Hand in Anger after Baron Geisler Urinates on Him at Movie Set

Ping Medina posted a long rant on Facebook, recounting what exactly happened between him and Baron Geisler while taping an upcoming movie.

Medina recalled how he was quite pleased to talk to a sober Geisler who admitted that he had been sober for 5 days because his mom is in the ICU and had specifically requested that he stop drinking so he won’t smell of beer when he visits her at the hospital.

In his rant, Medina said that though Geisler mostly talked about himself while they were hanging out at the shooting location, he treated the latter as friend and even gave him advice – especially because the actor wanted to get back on TV.

Geisler said he wanted to ask ABS-CBN’s Cory Vidanes for another chance – and Medina advised him to try that; Medina also told Geisler he’d help him speak with Jake Tordecillas of GMA.

At dawn, Geisler borrowed Php200 from Medina to buy food but actually used the money to buy beer. That’s when things began to heat up as the actor soon became drunk.

By Iamtheyeishow (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Iamtheyeishow (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
During the shooting, Geisler wanted to rehearse his lines with Medina who readily obliged but it was soon apparent that he did not memorize his lines and was making ad libs. After a third ‘rehearsal’, Medina called it quits and told Geisler they should not “overthink the scene” – something that apparently irked the now drunk Geisler.

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