Pinay Slams Job Applicant Who isn’t Fluent in English, Says She’s Only Fit for “DH Work” Despite Being Graduate of 4-Year Education Course

A Filipina is going viral on social media for the wrong reasons – because she slammed a prospective overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who isn’t fluent in English, saying that despite the unnamed applicant completing 4-year courses, she is only fit for “domestic helper (DH) work”.

According to the post, the Pinay claimed that although she only graduated from high school, she is fit to tutor elementary pupils whereas there are many who had finished a 4-year course but couldn’t work as tutor nanny in Dubai because they do not know how to speak English.

She slammed these job applicants, saying that their ostentatious resumes are just a waste because they flunk in English, anyway. The Pinay said that she could not help these people work as tutor nannies because they are only fit for domestic helper jobs despite completing a 4-year degree.

She thinks that these people only wasted their parent’s money in sending them to school and that they shouldn’t be under the illusion that they can find a good job abroad.

Photo credit: Trending Pinoy Videos II / Facebook
Photo credit: Trending Pinoy Videos II / Facebook

The post was met with anger on social media, especially because the Pinay mentioned Dubai, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After all, most people in the UAE are not fluent in English (many do not even know English) as Arabic is their primary language.

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